Why A Custom Portrait Is THE Gift Your Partner Will Love Forever

Why A Custom Portrait Is THE Gift Your Partner Will Love Forever 



It might not be something you've considered, heck, it may never have even dawned on you, but I'm here to tell you that custom art — custom portraiture to be exact — is probably THE most unique gift you will ever give your loved one.

It's not often that a gift can continue to be cherished forever. A custom portrait really has the power to be that gift.

In a world swamped with imitations and copies, it can be hard finding a truly unique gift for the one you love— particularly if they are creative in nature, or are art lovers themselves.

It can be hard to find a thoughtful, gift that they will love and cherish and will be kept in pride of place for years to come. Year in year out we are faced with the same "off the shelf" options when it comes to showing our loved ones how much we love them and to be honest, off the shelf can get a little boring. That's why commissioning a custom painted portrait really is the most unique one of a kind forever gift.

Imagine if you could present your art-loving partner, spouse or loved one with a completely custom, richly detailed, vibrant, colourful painted portrait, framed and ready to hang on the wall? Imagine if you presented your wife with a painted portrait of your children, another cherished relative, you or even of herself? It could just be the most personal gift she treasures for the rest of her life.

I have been specialising in painting portraits for a little while now and really have seen the joy that can come from presenting someone with a portrait of the person they love the most in this world. The split second they're presented with their custom portrait and their eyes light up. There's nothing like it! And, quite honestly it's the thing that makes me love what I do and specialise in — painting portraits.

Here's why a custom painted portrait will be the most unique gift you ever give your loved one.

A custom portrait will:

1. Stand the test of time
2. Be a talking point
3. Be more unique than a photograph
4. Preserve a special memory
5. Be ultra personalised decor

1. A Gift That Stands the Test of Time

 Fashions come and go and it's safe to say that the gifts we buy are often influenced by this. We've all had the sad moment of realisation that the gift we've given someone has either been thrown out, donated, hidden or simply just gone out of fashion. A custom commissioned art piece has the potential to be timeless and remain in pride of place long after the trends have been and gone. A gift that thoughtful and highly customised could be cherished for years even decades!

2. A Gift That Is A Talking Point

I have believed for a little while that the true test of a successful gift is just how much the recipient wants to show it off. It makes me all warm and fuzzy that I hit the nail on the head with such precision that they just can't stop showing it off. Gifting a custom painted portrait to your loved one or partner could just be the gift that has them giddy with excitement to show everyone on social media and in their life how happy they are with it. It could even become a talking point in your home — a show stopper piece that everyone wants to know about and you can gladly tell all the details of how you came to organise and give it to your loved one.

3. A Gift That is More Unique Than a Photograph

We live in a world where photography is ubiquitous and very much a part of our day to day lives. Most of us have smartphones, and capture dozens of happy snaps of our family in any given day or week. There's nothing wrong with that! In fact it's amazing that we have this at our fingertips! But imagine if you could take an image of your loved one and have it elevated and translated into a richly detailed and colourful painting. It's definitely something that would be loved and cherished in a way that a happy snap might not.

4. Preserves a Special Memory

 As visual creatures, we tend to want to see and preserve the things we hold nearest and dearest. We frame the photographs that depict the most special memories we have. We want reminding of those memories in a real and tangible way. Now imagine if that memory was preserved as a painting? There'd be something deeply sentimental and heartfelt about that gift!

5. A Gift That Is Ultra Personalised Decor

I have a suspicion that if the person you're wanting to find a unique gift for is a creative art loving soul, they might just place some importance on unique decor around the home. It's hard finding decor that is truly personal and eye catching. So think for just a second how perfect it would be gifting a unique artwork that was deeply sentimental and heartfelt AND matched their decor? Now that would have to be a winning combo!

It can often feel overwhelming organising the perfect gift for your loved one. But there is hope!

Consider arranging a beautifully vibrant, richly detailed portrait of or for your loved one — it could be the best gift you've ever given them! And maybe even the gift they'll cherish forever. More info here.

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